Upcoming Event

Xth Annual meeting of ICORD 2015

ICORD 2015, the 10th ICORD conference, will be held in México FD (México) in 15-17 (preliminary dates) October 2015 in association with the Mexican Federation of Rare Diseases FEMEXER. 

The event will be arranged back to back with the 5th Latin American meeting of Rare Diseases ER2015LA (GEISER Foundation and FEMEXER), October 12, 2015; and the World Congress of Discoveries and Innovations in Orphan Diagnoses and Drugs, October 13-14, 2015. The events will be developed in a coordinated format incorporating all the main topics of interest for rare diseases and orphan drugs.

For proposals or more information please contact the local secretariat at FEMEXER proyecto.pideundeseo.mexico@gmail.com and GEISER info@fundaciongeiser.org


Updates about the conference will be posted here.
Questions about the Conference? Please email icord@karolinska.se


Updated: April 30, 2015